Gwen arrived in French Polynesia in 2009. As a Windsurfer, he created the real first Windsurfing School of French Polynesia. Raiatea Windsurfing is still the only Windsurfing school of the « Fenua ».
In 2012, he proposed to do some kayaking on the only navigable river of the country: the Faaroa River.
Tupai’a Ecole de Voile is Gwen’s partner. Through this collaboration, « raiatea-activité » is the largest activity center of Raiatea.

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    « raiatea-activité » is an internet platform where you can find water sports and inland activities. Several societies gathered here to offer a wide panel of activities. Raiatea Windsurfing, Lagon Aventures, and Tupai’a Ecole de Voile offer: