Gwen arrived in French Polynesia in 2009. As a Windsurfer, he created the real first Windsurfing School of French Polynesia. Raiatea Windsurfing is still the only Windsurfing school of the « Fenua ». In 2012, he proposed to do some kayaking on the only navigable river of the country: the Faaroa River. In 2013, children could experience some sailing in the lagoon on small sailboats when adults could have some fun on Hobie Cat 16.
Tupai’a Ecole de Voile is Gwen’s partner. Through this collaboration, « raiatea-activité » is the largest activity center of Raiatea.

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    « raiatea-activité » is an internet platform where you can find water sports and inland activities. Several societies gathered here to offer a wide panel of activities. Raiatea Windsurfing, Lagon Aventures, and Tupai’a Ecole de Voile offer: